Create a new gallery

Circles Gallery is a very easy-to-use plugin. Let’s explore together how to create our first gallery. After you install the plugin and log into  WordPress you will see the dashboard. First we’ll take a look at the Circles Gallery default settings.

Hover the mouse over Settings on the sidebar menu, and click Circles Gallery:

WordPress Dashboard


As you can see the settings are already set with the default values.  When you create a gallery, every setting will initially use these values. You’ll only need to write those values you want to override. But we’ll look at that later.

Circles Gallery Settings


Unless you want to change some value now, let’s continue with the tutorial and create a new Post or Page:

New post


Click the Add media button:

Add media


and then click Create gallery:

Create gallery


Now you can upload some new image or choose some you’ve already uploaded. Select the images you want to use:

Select files


You can write the title and the caption, if you like. When you’re done, click Create a new gallery:

Create gallery


Now click Insert gallery:

Insert gallery


At this point you have a standard WordPress gallery. To transforming it into a Circles Gallery is incredibly easy. Just click on the Text tab:



You can now see the gallery shortcode followed by the IDs of the selected images:

Gallery shortcode


To make it into a Circles Gallery, write  circles_ before gallery, like this:

Circles Gallery shortcode



Edit an existing gallery

To edit an existing gallery you need to copy the shortcode: [circle_gallery ids=”10,9,8,7″]. Now open the Circles Gallery Shortcode Editor by clicking its icon:

Circles Gallery icon


What you’ll see is the Circles Gallery Shortcode Editor:

Circles Gallery Shortcode Editor


Now paste the copied shortcode inside the first textbox. All the fields below are the same you see in the settings page of Circles Gallery. All fields are empty, which means they’ll use the values from the settings by default. If you want to modify a field just enter the desired value. When you finish, you need to regenerate the shortcode, so click on Generate shortcode. Finally, copy the generated shortcode: close the popup and replace the old shortcode with the new one. Done!


Add/Remove images

If you want to add images to or remove images from an existing gallery you need to transform the circles_gallery shortcode to the standard gallery. So, you need to click on Text tab, edit the shortcode from (example):

[ circles_gallery ids=”10,9,8,7″ circle_width=”200″ ]


[ gallery ids=”10,9,8,7″ circle_width=”200″ ]

Now click the Visual tab (beside the Text tab),  and you’ll see the standard WordPress gallery:

Edit gallery

Click the Edit icon, and you’ll be able to add or remove images through the WordPres media panel. When you have finished, change the shortcode from gallery back to circles_gallery exactly like you did when you created the gallery. Done!